Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Girls

It took longer than we wanted, but after a year of asking God to grow our family we were sitting in a dr office and seeing TWO 7 week old babies growing in my tummy.  It seems like just yesterday; it seems a lifetime ago.  We have been through rough waters and green pastures.  We have climbed rocky uphill paths and smooth level paths through green meadows. People say, "I wouldn't change a thing."

I would.

I would change the times that I was too busy serving others to savor sweet moments with them.  I would change the times that I yelled at them because I wasn't getting MY way.  I would change the times we walked through sickness and heartache.  I would change all the times we had to pull them away from the known to move them to the unknown.  I would change the fact they didn't get to grow up with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. I would change all the moments I didn't seize to teach them more scripture and more of their Heavenly Father.  I would change all the times where I THINK I have failed them.

 It's a good think that I am not God. Because all of my changes would have made them miss all that God has been teaching them and the plans/paths He has ordained them to walk.

  • Seeing me serve others: God used to teach them to be servants
  • All the times I yelled: God used to teach them about forgiveness and grace when you wrong others
  • All the physical brokeness: God used to teach them that He alone is their healer and comforter
  • All our moves: God used to teach them that He alone will never leave them nor forsake them
  • Leaving family: God used to teach them what it means to leave all and follow Him.
  • Not teaching them enough: God used to teach them that He has given them the Holy Spirit to be their teacher.  

At least that is my prayer - that in all the ways I sinned against them and failed them - that God will use to teach them and continue molding them into the amazing young ladies they are already becoming.

With everything in me, Abigail Ruth and Rebekah Ami, I LOVE YOU!

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Joy Is Not Robbed

Quick update before the April Newsletter update (since i checked and haven't blogged since Feb)!  I am not sure why I keep this blog going?  Is anyone out there even checking and reading this?? hahah!

In just a few weeks we will hit our 7 year anniversary (5/4) of living in Honduras and our 14 year anniversary (5/7) of living in Latin America! May has always been a month where we get hit with lots of spiritual ware fare -- it has started early this year.  BUT our joy remains.  The joy of the LORD is our strength and in Him and Him alone we continue this path that He has placed us on.

Thank you for your prayers! Be on the lookout for April's newsletter (before May 1st).

Blessings - we love you all!

Thursday, February 2, 2017


On the last day of January, sweet little Tiana was born to Roger and Jandery.  On Feb 1st we got to meet her. Mom and baby and even dad are doing great! We continue to feel blessed and honored that the LORD has placed us in a position to love and care for the missionaries, Americans and Hondurans alike, whom we serve with.  

This weekend John and Josiah will be helping move the Villanuevas from their current town four hours away, to their new home here in La Ceiba.  Next week Kathy gets to go to Teguc to spend some time with the Halberts and their sweet babies, giving mom and dad a much needed date night! Then the next two weeks lots of time will be spent with the Spradleys as we help them close out their time serving here in Honduras with us. Please pray for us, for strength and wisdom, as we walk alongside and serve and lead our own family and our team family.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A New Team Member!

Our team is growing and growing!  Our newest comes to us in the tiniest of forms.

Finnian (Finn) Graham McLaughlin was born on 12-26.  

Congratulations to Seth, Renee and big brother Gavin!

Finn makes number 23 for Team Honduras.  Dr Roger's baby is soon to follow in a few weeks.  So many changes going on, I feel like change remains a constant theme for Honduras. Jan of 2017 we will officially be adding The Villanuevas (who will take on the girls home and teaching in the seminary) who have three college age sons.  As well, The Nunezes (Ventura who has been directing the street boys center) will become active national partners on the team. They have one precious toddler daughter. 
We continued to be humbled and honored that God has placed us in a role serving these young families and their precious kids. Thank you for supporting and loving us as we support and love all of our team! We pray you all had a Merry Christmas and that you will have a blessed New Year!

Friday, November 18, 2016

A New Family On Our Team

Rick, Raul, Alma, Chris, Jocsan

When John was asked to be team leader two years ago our team was already a large team.  AND WE KEEP GROWING!  What we are most excited to see the LORD do is add to our team national partners.  The Villanuevas will be joining us in La Ceiba at the first of the year.  Raul will serve in the Bible Institute and Alma will serve as director of PDE, the single mom's home.

Read their own words about what the LORD is doing:

About us: The Villanueva’s
When God calls a family to serve Him, the family can’t go against His will. Our family was called by God to serve Him and His church and we have obediently been doing so for many years now. We are a family of five: Raul is a retired photographer, now a pastor and professor; Alma has a heart for children and women, and she’s a teacher; oldest son Rick studies Business & Math at Bob Jones University in South Carolina; Chris studies International Business & Finances at Unitec in San Pedro Sula; and Jocsan is a senior in high school and currently takes some seminary classes at SEBCAH in Siguatepeque.
What’s exciting about moving to Ceiba?

God opened the doors for us to be part of this team before we even knew about it. We have talked with the brothers at “Mission to the World” and believe that we share the same vision for God’s ministry. We believe that the bible institute to train pastors and leaders is crucial for the churches, “Puerta de la Esperanza” touched our hearts as a family, just like the rest of the projects “Mission to the World” has in Honduras. We believe these projects have a great future and we are excited about growing these ministries for the glory of Christ.

What we need from you!
  • PRAYER: prayer as we grow and adjust to unifying nationals and gringos on our team. prayer for the Villanuevas as they transition to La Ceiba and into the leadership positions of the Bible Institute and PDE
  • Financial Donations: both end of the year tax-deductible giving as well as ongoing monthly pledges are needed to help the Villanueva family. The greatest need right now is to PDE. PLEASE prayerfully consider a donation today.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Travels

I have Septembers newsletter half written. I sat down just now to finish it, but can't get on my computer because of the batteries in the house.  So from the ipad, I'll type out a quick blogpost.

October is a busy month for us.  Two separate trips to the States and trips to the capital of Teguc will keep our family apart every week except for one. And, actually...i am not even sure we have a weekend together this month 😜

The girls have been given the incredible blessing from supporting churches and from dear friends to attend TWO college preview weekends this month; and Josiah gets to visit a college! It's surreal that we are on the brink of this stage of parenting. I laugh as I have two high school seniors and a kindergartner.  LOTS of graduation stuff going on this year. Then we get to do it all over again as Siah boy becomes a senior next year!

We also have some medical issues going on.  Our team has been hit hard lately. Personally for us we found out that I (kathy) have three herniated disks in my neck.  I have been in a bit of pain for several months, with other symptoms, that led to an MRI. I am in physical therapy as well as on meds right now and praying that will be that. We covet your prayers for physical healing for our entire team.

until i can get the newsletter out......😳😃....have a great day and please know that we are praying for you! We love and are so grateful for the team (you all, us, our team here on the ground) that God has put together to expand HIS kingdom here in Honduras. This is HIS ministry and we all get to be apart of it! How blessed we are to be chosen by Him!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer and Anonymous


Finally sent out a newsletter on our summer teams....and forgot to post it here. Imagine that!

Now that summer is over and kids are in school, let's see if I can remember to blog. Probably not, who am I kidding. But I'll try.

One thing that I didn't include in our newsletter was the ongoing anonymous emails that keep arriving. For three years they have come every 6 month; november and may.  Without fail, Abigail received and email the end of May. Unfortunately they kept coming.  In total she received four and I received one. I am finding it hard to pray for my enemies. But pray I will.  I pray for the soul of the person.  If this person is a Christian, I pray that God will have mercy.  I say IF because the emails are grotesquely pornographic. We are doing all we can to find who this person is. But they are quite clever.  We change emails, they discover them. In fact, I would venture to think that the person doing this horrible deed is reading this post.

Dear Mr or Ms Anonymous,
We love you. We forgive you. We pray for the LORD to have mercy upon your soul.  We pray that you would be able to bend your knee and ask forgiveness....not from us...for it is not against us that you sin...but against the LORD of lords and the KING of kings; God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.  Please repent before you are turned over to satan for the destruction of your flesh.  We do not want to see that happen to you, but to see you restored to fellowship with the Heavenly Father. 

Would you all continue to pray for our enemy with us. That he/she would be brought into submission by the LORD. Pray for our girls as they are the most targeted. Pray that the words they have seen would not have lasting scars on their emotions. Pray for us as parents that we would know how to use this situation to best teach our girls and point them to Christ in all things.

By the grace of God alone we press on to run this race that He has called us to.  We look not at what surrounds us, but turn our eyes to the ONE who stands at the finish line. To HIM be all glory and honor and praise forever and ever!