Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Comfortable and Cozy

This parenting adults thing is hard!  Why is it that every stage of parenting seems harder than the stage before? Probably because it's new, unfamiliar, unexplored territory.  We just get 'good' at one stage of parenting, we get comfortable, settled, cozy and then the carpet gets pulled out from underneath.  Once again we are left on our fannies trying to figure out how to pull our bootstraps up and get back to work. 

I'm really making it sound more dramatic than it is.  The girls are doing good. Making choices that show us they have been listening to all we just thought wasn't sinking in. It's fun having adult conversations with them and seeing them processing all their experiencing.  What's better - seeing the Holy Spirit work in in their lives and them listening and allowing Him to lead and guide.

Pray for our girls and this amazing journey they are on.  Pray for our boys as they aren't too far behind their sisters.  And pray for little guy who has years to go!  Although the dude thinks he as well is close behind.  The other day he told me he didn't want to go away like Abi and Bekah when he finishes school.  Little stinker, he thinks he's 16 not 6. 

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