Friday, October 29, 2010

My Precious Beautiful Abstract

Our sweet Bekah girl is our second born twin.  Since she was a toddler I have called her my abstract, my child who does NOT fit into any box or mold!  She can be wild and crazy, distracting, annoying, childish (well...she is a child), mean, the list could go on.
BUT - she is also tender hearted, hard working, a servant like none other, she thinks of others and their needs, creative, the list DOES go on!
Many don’t see this side of her because they are distracted and focused on what irritates them.

Are we like that in the body of Christ? Focused on what are brothers and sisters do that irritate us; things that we don’t like? How incredible would it be if we looked passed each others faults and encouraged each other’s talents and gifts.  If we didn’t put each other into boxes we think they should fit into. Then the world would know that we are children of God by the love we have for each other!

Bek is struggling in school right now because she can’t sit still and pay attention.  We got report cards yesterday and the other three were all on honor roll.  Bek, however had some failing grades. Not as many as we originally thought and nothing that she won’t be able to pull up. School is just not her thing, but it’s where God has her right now.  Learning submission and that sometimes in life we have to do things that we may not enjoy.
I am so proud of her in that she was able to show joy for Abi, Si and Evan.  With determination, “I’m gonna make better grades, Mom.”  I don’t care if Bek is on honor roll or not.  It’s her heart and character I care about.  Oh that John and I can be the parents that teach our children to love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind and soul.  That we would be able to build Godly character (love, kindness, gentleness, SEL-CONTROL...) in the four that He has entrusted to our care.
Please pray for Bekah as we try to work with her and her teacher in the area of organization and staying on task.  Pray for us as parents that we would, above all else, have wisdom!


  1. Much like her mama...God has a plan! Oh Bek you are a sweet sweet girl! Your favorite aunt loves you and I am so glad you are my niece! I can't wait to see what God has planned!
    Love you....Happy early birthday!

  2. Go get 'em Super Bekah! We love you!

  3. You are a good momma to point out her good points. She can do it!

  4. I love children with 'spirit'. They make the world a more creative place. Here's praying for grace.

    Michele (Scheblein) Oldenburg