Wednesday, October 25, 2017


 I just added the link to our October newsletter on the right-hand side.   Take a minute to open the link and read our October news. 

In our Honduras world we have now entered rainy season.  Our boys had a rain day today and they get another one tomorrow.  When they have kids of their own they get to say, "We had to walk miles in torrential downpours to get to school"  Instead of "we had to walk miles in the snow" LOL!

I had a rather funny generational moment with Elias the other day.  I told him he could go put a movie in the DVD player and watch it.  He had a very confused look on his face and the following ensued.

Elias: "it's not gonna play on the projector?" 

Me: ''the movie will play on the tv."

Still confused he just looked at me

Me: "You know how you put the Wii disk in the white box and the game plays on the TV? Well, you put the DVD in the black box and the movie will play on the tv."

Elias: "WOW!!! That is SOOO cool!"  says the kid who only watches netflix movies from the projector. 

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