Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Curfew Ends (day 4-10) and OUR GIRLS ARE HOME

Curfew week was so quiet that there wasn't anything to really post about.  Until yesterday that is.

We have been planning for a month now to bring the girls home to Honduras. They were suppose to have flown in on Sunday, but due to the weather in SC, Rebekah couldn't make it out.  So we had to delay them until Monday.  On Sunday morning the opposing party called for a widespread shut down; 'taking the bridges', to start at 6am on Monday morning.  Meaning they were calling for protest that would block all traffic and movement throughout the country.

We thought we were going to have to postpone the girls trip again.  They were flying into San Pedro Sula and there would be no way to get them to La Ceiba.  I was devastated, but we wanted the girl's safety over our desire to have them home.  Our prayer was that the people wouldn't rally and protest.

The LORD answered our prayer.  There was some protesting, but not the violence that was happening a week and a half ago.  The military was able to keep traffic moving which meant John could get to the La Ceiba airport, fly to San Pedro, meet the girls and fly home with them.  It took them a little longer than the normal 20 min drive from the airport to our home, but they made it home safely!


We are looking forward to the next 3 weeks and 4 days that we get with them!  Hanukkah starts tonight; our family being together is the only present we all need!

Please continue to pray for the political unrest in Honduras.  It is not over and the potential for more protesting is imminent.  We just pray that it is as 'calm' as it was yesterday.  We pray that when the official announcement of the winning party is finally made - the end of protesting will occur.  That would be a miracle for sure.  But Hanukkah is the celebration of God's miracles.  So, during this Hanukkah week (as well as the second week of Advent which is peace), our prayer is for God to give us a miracle of peace in Honduras. 

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