Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Girls

It took longer than we wanted, but after a year of asking God to grow our family we were sitting in a dr office and seeing TWO 7 week old babies growing in my tummy.  It seems like just yesterday; it seems a lifetime ago.  We have been through rough waters and green pastures.  We have climbed rocky uphill paths and smooth level paths through green meadows. People say, "I wouldn't change a thing."

I would.

I would change the times that I was too busy serving others to savor sweet moments with them.  I would change the times that I yelled at them because I wasn't getting MY way.  I would change the times we walked through sickness and heartache.  I would change all the times we had to pull them away from the known to move them to the unknown.  I would change the fact they didn't get to grow up with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. I would change all the moments I didn't seize to teach them more scripture and more of their Heavenly Father.  I would change all the times where I THINK I have failed them.

 It's a good think that I am not God. Because all of my changes would have made them miss all that God has been teaching them and the plans/paths He has ordained them to walk.

  • Seeing me serve others: God used to teach them to be servants
  • All the times I yelled: God used to teach them about forgiveness and grace when you wrong others
  • All the physical brokeness: God used to teach them that He alone is their healer and comforter
  • All our moves: God used to teach them that He alone will never leave them nor forsake them
  • Leaving family: God used to teach them what it means to leave all and follow Him.
  • Not teaching them enough: God used to teach them that He has given them the Holy Spirit to be their teacher.  

At least that is my prayer - that in all the ways I sinned against them and failed them - that God will use to teach them and continue molding them into the amazing young ladies they are already becoming.

With everything in me, Abigail Ruth and Rebekah Ami, I LOVE YOU!

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