Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer and Anonymous


Finally sent out a newsletter on our summer teams....and forgot to post it here. Imagine that!

Now that summer is over and kids are in school, let's see if I can remember to blog. Probably not, who am I kidding. But I'll try.

One thing that I didn't include in our newsletter was the ongoing anonymous emails that keep arriving. For three years they have come every 6 month; november and may.  Without fail, Abigail received and email the end of May. Unfortunately they kept coming.  In total she received four and I received one. I am finding it hard to pray for my enemies. But pray I will.  I pray for the soul of the person.  If this person is a Christian, I pray that God will have mercy.  I say IF because the emails are grotesquely pornographic. We are doing all we can to find who this person is. But they are quite clever.  We change emails, they discover them. In fact, I would venture to think that the person doing this horrible deed is reading this post.

Dear Mr or Ms Anonymous,
We love you. We forgive you. We pray for the LORD to have mercy upon your soul.  We pray that you would be able to bend your knee and ask forgiveness....not from us...for it is not against us that you sin...but against the LORD of lords and the KING of kings; God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.  Please repent before you are turned over to satan for the destruction of your flesh.  We do not want to see that happen to you, but to see you restored to fellowship with the Heavenly Father. 

Would you all continue to pray for our enemy with us. That he/she would be brought into submission by the LORD. Pray for our girls as they are the most targeted. Pray that the words they have seen would not have lasting scars on their emotions. Pray for us as parents that we would know how to use this situation to best teach our girls and point them to Christ in all things.

By the grace of God alone we press on to run this race that He has called us to.  We look not at what surrounds us, but turn our eyes to the ONE who stands at the finish line. To HIM be all glory and honor and praise forever and ever!

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