Thursday, March 3, 2016

Be a Miracle

This morning I was asking...ok begging...God for a miracle. Honestly, more than one and they all had selfish gain. It was all good stuff, all God-honoring. When I opened my eyes, the miracles I asked for had not happened, still have not to my knowledge happened. 

I went on with my day. And then I heard this song (I was planning on linking song here, but now I can't remember the name or who sings it...shoot...I can't even remember the tune to TRY and come up with it).  A line in the song "be a miracle".  Basically what I got out of the song is instead of sitting waiting on a miracle for myself, go do something nice for someone. Be available for God to use me to impact someone else's life through a kind word or deed.  (If anyone knows what song I am talking about feel free to message me!)

Would the miracles I would love to see help me able to impact other's lives more? I would like to think so. But, would it be me loving in my own strength instead of God shining through my weakness?  When I am tired and just physically worn out, will my husband and kiddos still get kind acts of service, encouraging words, loving hugs, or just my time?  Will my teammates see Jesus in me and feel supported, encouraged and loved?  

Putting others first doesn't come easily for me. It's a battle I fight...laziness and selfishness. I like comfort. But who doesn't? 

I am still asking for a miracle. Believing that if God desires He can do it. And, if he chooses not to, then that's ok.  Because I know...that my God is for me and not against me! He created me to be me for a plan and a purpose. I choose to press on and let Our Father give a miracle to my family today through my kind words and service.

well...i'll try anyway...maybe I should be made to report back at 9pm!

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