Thursday, March 10, 2016

19 years and counting

The second best 'yes' I ever said happened 19 years ago.  (The first was 37+ to Jesus).  My sweet man asked me to be his bride and there was no other answer but YES.  Actually, his question was "how do you get the screen off?"  He was on a ladder at my second story bedroom window.  I took the screen off and he put the ring on. Then I asked if I could look at it (after the amazing kiss of course) followed by my screams of joy.  I freaked my parents out who had NO IDEA what was going on.

He is a man of few to no words. That's ok cause I generally have enough words for the both of us. Spoken words aren't always needed. We generally can read each other and every year we get better at it. I have learned (ok ok I'm trying to learn) to speak less; He has learned to speak more.

It's our language that is 19 years in the making!
That's us! 19 years ago!

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