Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New House

We moved! On Christmas Eve - well..partly...  We are still between two houses, but we are sleeping in the new one. Long story short - the new landlord gave us 2 months free of rent! Such a blessing as it is giving us time to move over and PURGE.  I love purging. A pack rat I am NOT. Sometimes I regret things that I have thrown or given away. But those moments are rare and far between.

The kiddos are loving the new house and new neighborhood. Elias told me on one of the first morning, "I thanked God for our new house while I was laying in my bed!" Sweet boy!

Evan ASKED to have Elias share a room with him. "I want to be a good big brother." We are secretly wondering if the motive is not so Evan can control all the toys...LOL. So far so good - he is being a GREAT big brother; they are getting along so much better. Still brotherly fights, but now ending with forgiveness, patience and grace.

Josiah, who had the worst room in the other house, now has the best room (in my opinion). His room overlooks an amazing few of the mountains.

The girls are back to sharing - but it is the master, so there is plenty of room. It will probably be the last time they share a room as in less than 2 years they will be flying the coop and making lives for themselves. Oh that is sad!

John and I are in a downstairs room.  I love it, cause I don't ever have to go upstairs and see the kids messy rooms if I don't want to!

So that is what we have been doing over Christmas break.  WITH A BREAK TO PICK UP THE CAINS WHO ARE FINALLY HOME!!!  Tomorrow the kids go back to school and we start back to work with the ministry!  

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