Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Seminar for The Bible Institute / Chicken BBQ

We are blessed to serve with an amazing team!  We are blessed to have the job of serving an amazing team!  (except we kinda bailed on them and went away to a conference this weekend while they all stayed back and hosted a team from All Souls in Atlanta GA).

On Friday and Saturday our team mates hosted a financial seminar.  Over 30 people whom we directly work with, or close friends of those we work with, attended.  They were taught both the Biblical principals of why and how we should manage our money.  Our newest team mates, The Spradleys, joined our team back in August.  Jesse's main job is micro finance/business for our national pastors. We are truly thankful for the role the LORD has him in on the team.

Way to go Jesse, Seth and Trox for the incredible job you did on this week's seminar!


Today Pastor Vicente and his church hosted a Chicken Plate Sell.  They are raising money to help pay off the sound equipment they purchased.  We are over-the-top excited to see Pastor Vicente take ownership and think of creative ways to meet the needs of the church and his congregants without looking to our team for help!

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