Friday, October 23, 2015

Cheaper By The Dozen

I WOULD have taken a picture of all ten together...but it didn't happen!

Last night we had a dozen people in the house.  John, Myself, Abigail and Rebekah =15, Josiah =14, Evan =12, Dixi =12, Tito =11, Nicole =8, Elias =4, Wesley and Eliana =9months

It was a FUN crowd too!  I think we mostly got all homework done, they were all fed, everyone was in bed at a decent hour, woke up happy, dressed/breakfast/out the door on time for school.  Now I sit here while Eliana is sleeping and Wesley is playing.  OH THE MEMORIES these two are bringing back this morning!

Lesther had to stay overnight in the hospital (please pray for healing) for abdominal pain.  So, all the kiddos came here after school and for the night so Shannon could stay at the hospital with him.  Dixi was staying with Lesther and Shannon since the Troxells are off on a second honeymoon.

This is community and I love it.  In September when John and I had to be gone for a leadership weekend, the Mclaughlins took over the 5 Clows. At the same time Shannon was in the States wtih the twins and the Troxells helped out with her older three.  When the Mclaughlins took off for some needed time together the Spradleys welcomed Gavin into their home.  OK SPRADLEYS - your turn! And Cains...get back home so you can get in the rotation again too!!!

Covenant Children are a blessing that is indescribable.  Team La Ceiba currently has 16 kids.  A mission field all in themselves.  It's daunting the task of training these children to love and fear the LORD.  That's why we rely on the God who created them for strength; holding to the hope that we are raising up future workers for the harvest!

Will you please pray for our children?  Will you please pray for all of us parents as we love and support one another in the care of these amazing 16 kiddos?

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