Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All Souls

I have a large dry erase calendar on the wall in our kitchen.  With all the different directions we go it helps me TRY and keep track of everything.  I have Thurs the 15th marked as 'All Souls Arrive' and Wed the 21st as 'All Souls Leave'.  The other day I looked and one of the kids had written
 "SOULS ?" I guess they were confused and thought I might be predicting the rapture???

In actuality that is the time frame that All Souls CHURCH from Atlanta GA is here serving.  A team of 4 from the McLaughlin's home church has been serving alongside them and the ministry here in a variety of ways.  1)Two accountants hosted a financial seminar for over 30 Hondurans.  2) One physical therapist has been serving in the clinic. 3) A counselor has been using her skills within a variety of the different ministries.

Hosting smaller (non construction or medical based) teams is different for our team.  We are moving into hosting teams in a more concentrated way that comes alongside the seminary or church plants to aid in the growth of the Church.  We will still have weeks of construction and medical at various times.  But we love seeing accountants and counselors; pastors and teachers be able to come down and use the gifts God has given them to serve the Hondurans.

Thank you All Souls for coming and serving this week.  For coming to visit the McLaughlins and minister/encourage  them in their ministry roles!

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