Monday, September 21, 2015

Giving It Another Try

Goes without being said that I am not exactly a great blogger. But, I am going to give it another try and see what happens!

I have my mornings without kids now that all five are back in school.  They have been in school for a month now and this is the first week where we haven't had a trip or a visitor or kids out for vacation days...yes...a month into school and they have already had a three day vacation!  Next month they get another one too!

So...this my week to figure out what my mornings SHOULD look like....those of you who know me well should be laughing out loud right now.

Ministry is going well.  We are so blessed to serve with a team of amazing people.

We are deeply missing the Cain Family as they are in the States on their 6 month HMA (home ministry assignment). Please pray for them this week as they are at the MTW home office transitioning from 2 year to Career Missionaries....YES!  WE GET THEM LONG TERM!  Thank you, LORD!

Shannon and her sweet 8month old twins are in the States for a month; support raising for PDE. Unfortunately, her husband and 3 older kids had to stay here in Honduras. Please pray for them during their separation.

Kevin (our intern who is SO MUCH MORE than an intern) has done amazing things with the Peter Project.  We have seen a growth in the project and the boys that has been a blessing to watch.  His term is coming to an end and he is busy getting everything into place to leave the ministry in good hands.  He has had one interview with a Honduran couple to take over as the new director.  He and John will be having a second interview soon.  Please pray for wisdom for Kevin and John in this decision.

The Spradleys are our newest team mates and we are super thankful for them.  Jesse is working with our national pastors.  One of his main jobs is micro financing to help these pastors bring in extra income to support their families. Please pray for Jesse as he is currently planning a two day financial seminar.  Pray for his wife Liz, she is pregnant with their second and homeschooling their five year old son, Hudson.

The McLaughlins have gone over and above this past month.  They jumped in and took care of our five kiddos while John and I attended an MTW Leadership Retreat.  While continuing their own ministry work with the seminary and the clinic.  Please pray for Seth as he is currently teaching two seminary classes on the Gospels.  Pray for Renee in her days she ministers to the sick and hurting in the clinics. And, as they parent their precious three year old son.

The Troxells have taken on a few more responsibilities with the Cains being gone. They have their hands in a few areas (church plant discipleship as well as team finances) as well as their personal ministry to their foster daughter, Dixi (who is Elias' aunt).  Please pray for their marriage, their ministry and their parenting.

Sarah is our newest team mate; a 10 month intern.  She is currently in language school.  Please pray for her to absorb and quickly learn Spanish so she can join us here in La Ceiba.

Ok - so that's my to pick up Little Guy from preschool...Mom hat just got put on!

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