Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For our battle is not against flesh and blood...

....but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.  Eph 6:12

We have seen a lot of evidence of this the past several days. In the midst, however, the LORD has mercifully shown his love and mercy and His fatherly care. Bullet points of the Clows battles include:

  • physical ailments with Abi and Siah
  • med dosage complications with Evan
  • diet/food allergy issues with Bek
  • emotional issues with Elias
  • Mom and Dad --- stressed and tired ;)
This however is all minimal in comparison to what some other missionaries here in Honduras are going through. Here is the events of our past few days.

     On Friday we sadly took my niece to the airport (3 hours away) and had to say goodbye after having had her here for 5 months.  Due to her having a late flight we had to stay overnight, arriving back to Ceiba saturday afternoon.  Our dear friends, Wes and Cindy and their children, who are in the process of moving to Ceiba (from their current home 4 hours away) were arriving into Ceiba on Friday and leaving on Monday morning. On their way in they lost a tire, stranded on the side of the road. Two hours after having fixed the tire they lost it again. Since we were unavailable to help them they called a mutual friend who came to their rescue and also loaned them a vehicle. These mutual friends, Marvin and Sharon, had a baby last month born with Aperts Syndrom.  On Sunday the baby had to be taken to the hospital for vomiting. Since our friends were delayed in their departure (waiting on car parts to fix their truck), Cindy was able to go to the hospital and see Sharon and the baby. 
     Then, on Monday afternoon Wes and Cindy received a call that some other missionary friends had be in an horrific accident about 1.5 hours away. This family, The Riley's, live on the other side of the country but were traveling for a conference that they were leading.  Their truck flipped causing their three teenage kids in the back to be thrown.  The parents, a Honduran friend, and their fourth child were inside the cab. All survived, even walking away from the accident with just minor scrapes and bruises, except two children who were in critical condition. The call was to inform that they were transporting them to La Ceiba. The Riley's knew no one in Ceiba.  But, they know Wes and Cindy who just happened to be stranded in Ceiba. Wes and Cindy were able to go to the hospital and be a familiar face to the parents as they dealt with and processed their children's injuries. 
     The Honduran friend and the other two children were still in the town 1.5 hours away. So, on Tuesday morning Kathy with Evan and one of Wes and Cindy's daughters drove to get them. On the way the car started acting funny.  John had to get in the truck and drive all the way to fix the car. Unknown to us was that they had a lot of luggage that would never have fit in the car with all the people. So, after John fixed the car (that ended up being nothing more than a 15 minute job), we loaded the truck with luggage and the car with people and returned to Ceiba where the Clow house was transformed into a B&B (It has always been my dream to run a B&B!!!)

Are you still following the story....cause it hasn't stopped yet...

     There is a missionary hospital 1.5 hours away, on the other side of Ceiba.  The eldest daughter hurt was able to be transferred to that hospital yesterday afternoon. We are currently waiting for the hurt son to be transferred, hopefully tomorrow. The mother went with her daughter, Jesi. Jesi was born with Spina Bifida and had to have multiple surgeries as a baby. 
     Joel, our friend's baby born with Apert Syndrom, was also transferred to the missionary hospital on yesterday as he is in need of his first surgery. The surgery takes place today at 3pm. Teri, who arrived at the missionary hospital with her daughter, who knows and understands what a momma's heart goes through as her baby was in surgery, is there sitting beside Sharon as Sharon experiences for the first time her baby being in surgery. Sharon and Teri have known one another for years. 

    So, anyone who doesn't believe God can orchestrate the tinniest of details in the midst of what appears to be chaos to us.... please be assured that HE CAN, DOES, AND WILL care for His children. He knows just what we need and exactly when we need it. We are blessed and honored that the LORD allowed us to witness His mighty hand the past few days. It's a reminder (ok maybe a slight slap in the face) that my stress, tiredness, and physical ailments are all known by my Father. He is not an absent Father. He sees me, hears me and answers me. He loves me. 

     There are so many other little nuggets that have come out of the last few days that I could write about...but you have read enough. But please....keep the Riley's (Jim, Teri, Jesi, Jeni, Josh and Jimmy) in your prayers. Also Sharon and Marvin and their sweet baby, Joel. 


  1. praying for all of you now, and sharing your petitions tonight at our wednesday evening service, too. Praise to our always faithful God for knowing the details, and for His servants faithfulness even in the midst of what seems like chaos, too. Blessings, friends! kristy

  2. Oh, sister! We are praying for you and yours! We praise Him for all that he is doing in and through y'all! Know that we love you and miss you! PRESS ON, friends! :-)