Monday, September 15, 2014

Say It Isn’t So!!!

Has it really been since April?  Have I really not written a thing in 5 months?

I have written a little on the facebook group page: The Clow Communicator.  Please join the group if you would like to receive simple updates via that means. for us in the last five months....

  • May was spent getting ready for teams
  • June, July and August were spent hosting teams as well as some other fun dates that came and went.  JUST wrote our summer newsletter (yes...I admitted to myself that I couldn’t do it all - hard thing for me to admit- and gave myself grace where the newsletter was concerned.  Decided to do a Summer Newsletter instead of a monthly newsletter) that has been scheduled to go out today via mailchimp.  If you are not on our emailing list and would like to be please let us know. 
  • HOME SCHOOL STARTED BACK!!!  We are in our third week of homeschooling.  We enrolled the kiddos in Grace Academy and so far so good!  Just facilitating their work is keeping us busy - in fact, as I take a few minutes to write this blog John is reading a History lesson with Evan.  
  • My niece, Lindsey, is here for several months. WHAT A BLESSING SHE HAS BEEN AND IS.  She decided to take a few months and spend them with us instead of starting college right away. We are so thankful she’s here!
Thank you for keeping up with us even in my lack of communicating.  We appreciate you all.  Be looking for our newsletter.  Complete with some recent pictures!!!

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