Monday, February 24, 2014

whats been happening?

January and February have been full of many things.  Some highlights:

  • The start of the church building in Armenia Bonito.  The Lord has been really growing our church plants. Our team now has 5 national pastors.  It is exciting to see this aspect of the ministry growing!
  •  8 scholarship students registered for classes and have been attending classes now for three weeks. Three of the students will be graduating this year.
  • 24 7th graders started school in our brand new high school in Armenia Bonito.
  • The clinic had its one year anniversary.  The celebration was made extra special since Dr Greg and Tom from Trinity in PA (our first team of 2014) were here.  

  • Construction in La Isla is moving up.  The workers are getting ready to pour the roof/floor at the building in the front of the property.  Soon walls will start going up that will eventually house the seminary classrooms.
  • After several months of not hosting teams we are getting 'back in the groove'.  Last week we had the privilege of hosting Trinity and this week we are hosting Manor.  Both teams are from PA. 

On the family side of it.....the kids as always are being flexible and rolling with the flow of hosting teams.  Last week the girls both got to translate and help out.  This week the boys are spending time with the team.  4 of the team members are boys ages 10-16.  Its gonna be one amazing, high energy week!

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