Monday, December 9, 2013

Once Upon A Cold and Dreary Day

It's 12:04 in the afternoon.  My oldest twin is off shopping with her grandmother.  Only the two of them would get out on a day like today!  My younger twin is somewhere hidden in Facebook. The oldest boy is bundled in thick covers still sleeping.  The youngest birth child is beside me multitasking; gaming on the computer while watching Tom and Jerry.  My husband, he is fast asleep in a country where it is 1 am on Tuesday. My baby boy...well not so sure he is having a cold and dreary day. But, he's probably sleeping like his daddy.
There is an empty cup of coffee beside me, I may just need to fix that problem!
Some fun facts. See if you can figure them out.
1. 518400 seconds
2. 23,040 minutes
3. 21 days
4. 13,500
5. 20
6. 28

I should be writing a newsletter, homeschooling the kids, baking, unpacking and repacking....  Instead, I am adding up useless facts!  Yes, My Friends, it's a cold and dreary day!
The End


  1. #2: minutes till Christmas
    #3: 21 days till you return to Honduras (or 21 days till you see Elias)
    #4: minutes till John is back?

  2. Hey John Clow I hope things are well with you please drop me an email