Friday, October 25, 2013

That's My Mountain

My teammate posted this photo several days ago.  I think she did it just to make me jealous!  When I first saw the photo my thought was, "that's my mountain!"

Have you seen the movie 'The Sound of Music"?  You know the scene where Maria is talking to the Reverend Mother?

Reverend Mother: Child, suppose darkness had come and you were lost?
Maria: Oh, Mother, I could never get lost up there, that's my mountain, i was brought up on was the mountain that led me to you. Sometimes, I would come down the mountain, and climb a tree, and look over your wall into your garden and hear the Sisters singing on their way to Vespers.

Ok, so I didn't grow up on Pico; I could get lost if darkness came; I never climbed a tree and looked over a wall and listened to Sisters sing; But...

When I see those mountains I see home (and for whatever reason the above dialogue from the Sound of Music runs through my head).  I see the place that God sent us to and I long to go back. I love being in the States, and I love visiting with family and friends.  But my heart...



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