Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hardest Thing EVER!

Getting on a plane two weeks ago without Elias was the hardest thing God has ever asked (or rather made) me do.  I am at peace, knowing that God’s plans are always best.  It’s just that peace is mixed with a whole lot of missing that cute little thing that has me wrapped around his little finger.  Tell the truth - those of you who have met Elias are in the same boat. That kid just has something about him that makes people melt!  So you mix his cuteness + the fact that he has called me ‘mama’ for 9 months and it = a bit of a lonely heart. 

I know my sensitivity to missing Elias is heightened right now.  We are at an MTW conference for missionaries in the States on furlough. There are several couple with toddlers and one particular little two year old Ethiopian boy.  I look at his dark skin and curly hair and can’t help but wish Elias was here to play with him.  
There is the flip side.  While the parents with toddlers are up and down from their tables a million times getting this or that; I am calmly sitting at my table eating, just me, my plate.  When it’s free time I am resting, not chasing a run-a-way.  The LORD knew John and I were in need of some rest, and as always, He faithfully supplied that this week.  
We have a rough travel schedule for the next 6 months.  All that traveling with a two year old just may have been a recipe for disaster.  
I miss my little man like CRAZY! While also praising the LORD cause He knows best!

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