Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Heart of My Boy

Today my boy made me proud; made his daddy even prouder.  Evan started riding motocross 2 years ago.  When this year’s season started we decided that this sport was too time consuming and too expensive for Evan to continue.  However, today’s race was here in La Ceiba and we gave Evan his last opportunity to ride his bike before trying to sell it.  7 months after the last time he rode, he saddled up for some ‘just-plain-ole-fun’!  No pressure, just ride and have fun.

His first race this morning was pure joy for him.  Even being way behind the other rider (there were only two in his class) didn’t dampen his spirits.  Grinning from ear to ear when the race was over he told his dad, “Even though I haven’t been on the bike in a long time I want to prove  I still know how to ride.”  And he does too.  His skill and control are awesome.

Two hours later he was back on the track for his second race of the day.  Still way behind the other rider, but having a blast.  He entered the backstretch where we can’t see him.  We waited. And waited. And waited.  John started walking. A little faster. Then started running.  And I followed.  I saw my boy laying on the ground crying while John was looking at his foot.  Then he scooped our boy up and carried him off.  I followed with helmet and boot in hand.  Abi followed pushing his bike.  After the EMT’s inspected his foot, praise God all is ok, Evan decided he wanted to get back on his bike and finish the race.  So off he went!

Another lap around his friend had a wipe out.  He chose not to finish the race.  As soon as Evan crossed the finish line he turned around and made a bee-line to where we were all gathered around the hurt boy.  Only one thing on his mind, he wanted to make sure Sebastian was ok.

My boy is active.  He can have anger outbursts and get really frustrated. He’s as ADHD as they come.   I have had people tell me, "You know something is wrong with him.”  “He’s so mean.”  “His siblings are going to grow up to resent him.”  Oh! If people could only look past his difficulties and see his heart.  I will be tired all day long dealing with that boy if it means that alongside of his activeness resides his heart of gold.

He didn’t care at all that he had won first place.  He just wanted his friend to be ok (which he was, again praise God!).  As we walked back to our car he said, “Mom, I don’t want to win first place just because my friend fell.”

The heart of my boy is nothing less than PURE GOLD!

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