Thursday, May 30, 2013

Father Knows Best

How thankful I am that I have a Daddy I can trust.  I may not understand His decisions. I may not know the ‘why’.  And, that’s ok.  ‘Cause I know that He loves me.  He loves my husband.  He loves Abi.  He loves Bekah.  He loves Siah. He loves Evan.  He loves Elias.  

Elias was denied his visa to be able to go to the States with us.  Standing in a room full of people, tears streaming down my face, I had to tell Evan that the lady told us no.

Elias did not meet the requirements for a tourist visa - 6 months was just too long.  Since we are only temporary parents and not adoptive parents it wouldn’t be right for us to take him- never mind that a Honduran judge and the mother both gave permission for us to travel with him.  “I am sorry, I understand, but he just doesn’t meet the requirements.”

We are sad, but we are at peace knowing that our Father knows best!  He loves Elias way more than we ever could.

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