Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Newsletter

We finally are getting back on track with newsletters and support communication....ordered by our team leader!  Seriously, Mike is incredible at communication and we really do appreciate his ‘shove’ to make sure we are staying connected with you.

One thing we are doing is sending our e-mails out in a more secure form, and one that hopefully will not go to your spam box.  Click here to view April’s newsletter that went out via e-mail yesterday.

As you may have heard we are heading to the States in July for a 6 month Home Mission Assignment (HMA...aka furlough). We are trying to get a jumpstart on support raising so that we can try and get a little ‘rest’ in the States in addition to contacting new churches to increase our support.  John in the near future will be sending out an e-mail with pictures showing the ‘before/after’ of all that has been accomplished during our last term here in Honduras.  If you would like to receive that e-mail, please click on the sign up link and fill in your information.  This will also update us with addresses and phone numbers so that we can have your contact information when we are in the States.  We would LOVE to see you all!

If your church does not support us and would be interested in hearing about the ministry in La Ceiba Honduras, we would greatly appreciate you forwarding this on to your missions committee coordinator.

Click here to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter via e-mail.

Thank you for all you do for us!
John and Kathy Clow

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