Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stacks of Hats

This week I am wearing several hats...all of which I love by the way.  I just wish I didn’t have to wear them all at one time.  They are so much prettier when they are not stacked one-on-top-of-the-other.  In fact, it’s quite a balancing acting to try and keep them from falling!

Manor Pres:  We LOVE hosting teams and we are so thankful for the 6 people who gave up their week to come help us out!  We are also very grateful for the arrival of two new interns.  This week the team and interns are doing construction at the dorms, spending time with the street kids and helping with on-going ministries in Armenia Bonito.

I sometimes feel this little man’s story goes on and on and on.  But, what a testimony this little guy will have as to God’s faithfulness and love.  Anywhere we take Elias people fall in love with him.  He is truly full of life and joy!  I know God has a great plan for him.  Maybe he’ll grow up to share Jesus with his people!  We ask him, “Elias, who loves you?”  “Jesus”    “Elias, who made you?” “God made me.”  “Elias, what else did God make?”  “God made me me me me me!”  Yeah, we’re still working on that one.
Our latest saga with him is the process of trying to get a US tourist visa so that he can come to the States with us July-Dec.  A huge praise is that his mother is in agreement and supportive of this.  On the 14th we spent 5 hours in immigration getting his Honduran passport.  We got it - just they spelt his name wrong.  It’s now ready with the correct spelling (we hope) and we have to coordinate a time with his mother to go pick it up.
Step number two in the process will take place on Friday, Lord willing.  A psychologist will come to the home and do a social and psych check on us.  Her report along with a doctor report clearing Elias’ health will give us judge approval to take Elias out of the country.
Step number three will be to have an interview with the US Embassy.  This is the long-shot step.  We feel a peace that this is the path we are to move forward in.  If we are approved we will KNOW it’s what God wants!

Our team week with Manor Pres.
The visa process with Elias.
Homeschooling the oldest four.
The scholarship students as the start into their 2nd month of school.
All John’s construction workers and for John as he manages it all.
The two new interns as they adjust to life in Honduras.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we walk as God directs.  Many hats and all, we feel so blessed that God uses our lumpy heads, clumsy hands, awkward feet and sinful selfish hearts to do HIS work here in Ceiba.

Proverbs 16:9

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