Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Cold Rainy Day

That’s what we have had the past two days in fact. It hasn’t gotten out of the 60’s and my toes haven’t been warm for one second!  Life goes on even in the rain and cold.  Today we helped our team mates out with their yearly school supplies event in Armenia Bonito.

john got to play the mean ole door man.  would it surprise you that some kids actually tried to go through 2X? and,  that some parents actually tried to send their kids through 2X? when you have nothing, a few school supplies mean a WHOLE LOT.    watch this video to see more of what our morning looked like.  Also will give you an up-to-date look at where john is  in construction of the school.  

we have 9 recipients for the 2013 scholarship program.  the students and their parents and some siblings helped us with the distribution of the supplies.  after the event was over Kathy held her first meeting of the year with them.  

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