Sunday, November 4, 2012

The First Visit

I would be pretending if I said I was a little anxious today. We had our first visit with Elias’ mom this afternoon and there were so many ways it could have gone.  Would she be sad?  Would he want to go to her? Would he want to leave with us?  So many questions....
Why I can’t always remember is beyond my comprehension - why I can’t remember that God’s ways and thoughts are greater than mine.

Elias and his mama had some sweet time today.  He ran to her with the biggest smile on his face and she wrapped him up in her arms.  She was able to stay happy and play with him the whole time.  She is truly a mama who is putting the needs of her son above her own wants.  

A true testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness (and in answer to the prayers of the saints) is that Elias was fine when she left and was secure and content to stay with us.  He’s been his normal happy boy self since this afternoon without crying for his mama.  He just climbed down off of my lap where he was sitting looking at the photo of he and his mama.  He was actually a little more focused on the lollipop in the photo and kept touching his lips and saying “me me”  which is his version of “please”.  He got down when I told him he could not have another lollipop :D

Thank you for your prayers for Elias and his mother.  Please continue to pray for God to make His plan known and give us wisdom, direction and guidance. 

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