Friday, October 12, 2012

What’s Better For Him...

Living a selfLESS life is just plain hard!  I fail miserably at it all the time.  It’s not fun to think “what’s better for him/her/them?”. As I type this G is at the courthouse telling the judge that she wants us to have Elias because she knows that is what is best for him.  HOW SELFLESS!

I am proud of her.  I weep with her as she sets aside what is best for herself to give her son what is best for him.  That is the love of a mother!

I am humbled.  I am amazed that she trusts us enough to place her son in our care and that she thinks we are the best for Elias.

If I am being honest, I am a little nervous.  Are we God’s best for Elias?  We don’t have him we have learned over the past two months anything can happen.  But...

I am trusting.  I place my faith in the One who DOES KNOW what is best for a little boy who has captured our hearts. Believing that God also knows what is best for his mama whose heart is breaking in two. I am learning to be at peace that God knows what is best for our family as we wait to see if He is going to place this new responsibility in our laps.

Please Pray!

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