Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Week

One week ago today a little boy came to live with us.  A little boy who needed a family. What we didn’t realize was how our family needed a little boy.  God has blessed us so abundantly.  I have witnessed our kids unite and work together to love -- so unconditionally -- their new little brother.  Elias brought with him an outpouring of love and joy and laughter.  Josiah and Evan, who have little in common, now have some camaraderie - they love teasing Elias!  The other night they put peanut butter on his upper lip and laughed at him trying to get it off with his tongue.  OH MY!  Don’t feel bad for little E...he was loving EVERY minute of it!
Abigail and Rebekah have pitched in and helped in his care unselfishly and willingly. The twins who have been in competition since the day they were born have, without fighting, worked together to take care of this precious little one who God has sent to us for just a time as this.
And, God has spoken to my heart and poured a little more grace and mercy into my soul, reaffirming to me that I am a good mom. He has called me to be mom and has equipped me with His strength to do the task at hand.  Those of you who have walked this journey with us for years may remember some bitter times our family had when our own four were toddlers.  When depression overwhelmed me and our family felt like it was drowning.  When I felt like I was a bad mom who didn’t have a clue what she was doing.  And now, what does God do?  He places a toddler in our arms, in our responsibility.  Who am I to question whether I am a good mom or not...whether or not I can do the task...when the Creator of the Universe entrusts 5 of His most precious treasures to John and I to rear in the fear and admonition of the LORD.
I am humbled and I am in awe that God is doing all of this for our family.  I am humbled that I get a front row seat to watch God work in the lives of a young mom and her precious little boy.  I am humbled that I am loved by the Almighty and that He has chosen to use me in His wonderful perfect plan.


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