Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Summer Months

I hate that I let time fly by.  But that is usually what happens to us during the summer months.  Before I know it June and July are long gone and now we sit in August.  Before I know it, I realize it’s been weeks since my last post, another monthly newsletter I forgot to write.  But...that’s ok ‘cause God is bigger than all my forgetfulness!  That and He has placed us on a team with team mates who don’t forget to send out newsletters and write blogposts!

July:  We hosted three incredible weeks of teams!  Each week we hosted two churches.  I loved watching the teams blend together and watching them serve as one team.  The body of Christ in action!  At the end of the month we had to say goodbye to our 5 interns.  It breaks my heart every time I watch our four kids grieve the loss of another person they love who had to leave them.  Evan is still grieving his buddy Allen returning back to the States.  The same day we said goodbye to the interns, we picked up John’s 93 year old grandmother, his mother, and his niece.  They spent 12 days with us.  We were able to have a little rest time with them before we welcomed the first of our final three weeks/teams and they witnessed first hand what we were called here to do!

August:  God is forever faithful!!!  Faith in Him and His faithfulness is the way we survive.  God is moving in our lives and in the ministry.  Pray for us as we continue to try and be faithful with what He has given us to do today. We are hosting a medical team and a church team this week.  Next week we will host our final week/final two churches for the summer.

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