Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Is he not one of the cutest little boys you have ever seen?  In ways only God knows and ordains, this little boy may come to live with the Clows!  It’s really an amazing story......

Elias’ mother lived at Puerta de Esperanza (PDE), the ministry to single moms. Not long after she (referred to as G) moved into the home G had a mental breakdown.  That resulted in a short stay at the mental hospital in  the capital of Tegucigalpa.  G returned to PDE and things were going well until a second episode happened, worse than the first.  She was sent back to Tegucigalpa and is still there.  

Elias is 20 months old and full of energy and ALL BOY!  We all are in love with this little guy and it was breaking our hearts that he was going to get sent to an orphanage or a foster family.  On the night we thought we were all saying goodbye to Elias (the plan was turn him over to social services the next day), God dropped the bomb on John and I.  

Elias loves John - I mean he LOVES John!  We were at a restaurant and Elias was sitting on our teammate's, Shannon, lap.  John walked behind them (not knowing he was passing by Elias) and Elias started squirming and doing everything he could to get to John.  When John turned around and picked up Elias it was like seeing John with one of our own children. The next several minutes I spent watching John feed Elias and Elias feed John (cheese that John hates, but he was being a good sport).  

I tongue-and-cheek said, “we have our residency”, fully expecting John to say, “don’t even think about it!”  But he didn’t.  Instead he raised his eyebrows and started asking questions.  And in my head I started saying, “Lord, you have to be joking! Tell me you are not asking us to take this child in!”  

Then little Evan came up behind me, laid his head on my shoulder, whispered in my ear, “Mom, please let Elias live with us.”  Then Abi put her arms around me and crying said, “Mama PLEASE PLEASE let him live with us.” And the LORD continued speaking.... and I continued asking Him to show me why we should NOT take Elias in...and He didn’t show me anything.  In fact, He gave me a peace that passes all understanding.  

John and I prayed and talked through pros and cons that night.  We ‘slept’ on it, waking up the next morning to the same peace that we were to move forward in getting temporary custody of Elias. 

Two weeks ago on this very day was when all this started.  Two weeks of ups and downs, 'yes you can - no wait - well maybe’.  Today we, LORD WILLING, are going to be given a date from the judge as to when Elias can come live with us until (if/when) his mom, who adores him and wants to take care of him, is capable of doing so.  

Please pray with us:
1. That if it be God’s will He will continue to open the doors to bring Elias to us - IN HIS PERFECT TIMING. Elias is currently staying at PDE with the house mom and the two other single moms.
2. Healing and health for G. That God would comfort her in a way only He can.  That she would be able to be restored whole physically, mentally and spiritually.  
3. That all us Clows would constantly be open to what God wants for us, even if it means a little heartache comes with it.  We are currently on ‘pins and needles’ wondering when/if.  Evan especially is anxious to have Elias here.  This morning he got up and cleaned all downstairs. “I don’t want them (social service/the judge) thinking we’re weird cause we don’t wash dishes.”  HAHAHA! Maybe I should schedule social service visits every day!

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