Monday, July 9, 2012

What It’s All About

It’s lives. It’s not the task, the job or the check list.  It’s when I focus on the latter that stress and worry come in.  If I would only learn from the Hondurans to focus more on people and less on the task...ohhh!

Every Monday the girls in the program come to my house for lunch and a Bible study. It’s not about the lunch; it’s about the hearts of these girls. Today’s study was on the sacraments.  One girl was set on the belief that people can NOT go to Heaven unless they have been baptized.  On the flip, she didn’t care about the Lord’s Supper - to her that was optional.  My heart breaks when I hear these girls insistent that the only way they can get to heaven is through their works.  My hearts cry for these girls is that they would KNOW the love of their Father JUST because - not because of what they do.  Yes, the Lord gives us mandates, we are to strive to be more like Him, strive to live a life holy.  But that is not what gives us our salvation.  Our salvation lies only in the shed blood of our savior who came to this earth to die on a cross so that we could be His bride! Nothing is more precious than that!  Nothing is more humbling!

What can wash away my sins
nothing but the blood of Jesus
what can make me whole again
nothing but the blood of Jesus

Please pray for Greicy.  That God would reveal Himself to her in a really precious precious way.  

Update on Carlos:  I was called last Thursday and told that one of the scholarship boys had a hernia and needed emergency surgery.  It was scheduled for last Saturday which was also his birthday.  I found out last night that the surgery was canceled.  That there really was no hernia.  I am going to try and find out more information and give you an accurate detailed report asap.  Carlos has had a rough life.  Abandoned by both mother and father.  Lost his grandfather (whom he was living with and served as a father figure) and his uncle last summer.  Left to live alone with his bitter grandmother and aunt.  I also found out last night that Carlos’ mother came back.  Carlos is under lots of stress, his young life has been turned upside down and sideways more times than can be counted.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Please pray for me.  That I would focus more on the lives of my four kiddos and the scholarship students and less on housework and all the ‘tasks’  that need to get done. Please pray that I would love the teams that are here and be hospitable by sitting at the table and talking to them, not just running around making sure everything at the dorms is ‘perfect’.  

People - it’s what it’s all about!

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