Tuesday, July 3, 2012


After 28 days straight of hosting short term mission teams, our family was blessed to have a 4 day respite vacation.  We are on day 3 of our trip and I am not sure we are ready to go home.  Isn’t that the way we are in our spiritual lives as well, or at least we should be.  Longing to just stay in the restful arms of our daddy.  In His presence being still and quiet with no distractions or work.  The Lord himself got a away to rest - but he didn’t stay there.  He went back to the job that his Father had ordained for him.

Tomorrow we head back to Ceiba to get ready for week #5.  On Saturday we welcome two churches (21 people combined); Covenant Community from AZ and Sovereign Grace from NC.  We will see some new faces as well as sweet friends returning to spend a week with us.  After our rest, we are ready to minister to those who are coming to minister to the people of Honduras!

Look for July Newsletter soon that will tell you what happened in June as well as a calendar of events for July!

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