Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Is it true?  Is it really week #4 of our summer mission teams?  Good intentions are not quite an excuse enough for keeping you up-to-date, are they?
The team this week is Calvary from Raleigh, NC.  The team of 13 is only the second team to work with our team mates, Mike and Ashley, in their ministry village of La Fe.
God has also allowed some extra things to be thrown in our path this week:

  • one team member was sick on the first day from the heat and spent the day in our home resting.  one intern is down sick today. 
  • Erin witnessed a severe motorcycle accident and I witnessed a pretty bad bicycle accident.  Both of which greatly frustrated us as we watched other bystanders grab the victims and throw them into the back of a car or onto another motorcycle and rush them away.   We can only pray the victims weren’t more damaged by the good intentions of others (I am sure there is a spiritual lesson somewhere in there).  
  • We also witnessed a head on collision of a car with our neighbors brick wall.  John was there to help/assist right away and Erin was only 10 minutes from coming to our house to pick up Abigail.  Thankfully both the driver and the passenger were ok.  All three of these accidents happened within just days of each other.  The last one happening yesterday.  
  • Evan went to the ear dr on Monday with a severe ear ache.  Praise Him that the dr was able to clean out Evan’s ear (totally impacted with ear wax).  But, he has an infection and a pretty nasty fungus.  I am sure this is more info than you care to know - SMILE!  However, we can now treat it and do our best to get rid of the fungus - and he can now hear out of his ear.  
So with all that going on - what has the team been doing this week?  They are the second team ever to go work in La Fe.  They have been doing lite construction projects as well as providing a clinic, teaching ESL, putting on a Kids Club (VBS), playing in the river with kids and learning how to wash clothes in the river from the local women.  This afternoon they spent time at our La Isla dorms helping John install ceiling fans, put up hooks, and other assortment of projects that need completed before our next team of 2 churches arrives on July 7th.  They also got to spend time with two street kids that our team mate, Kate, brought with her to lunch.  Then one of the girls from Puerta de Esperanza (our team mate Shannon’s ministry) came and taught the team how to make home made tortillas; which we totally consumed for dinner!

Yes, we have been  busy.  Yes, we are tired. But God is good and God is faithful!  Please pray that our Team Honduras Staff can give our all to Calvary for their last two days.  Please pray for rest next week and that we will be ready on the 7th to welcome those whom God has sent to serve alongside us.  

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