Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Teams 2012, Week 1&2

Our first week of 2012 was such a blessing for us.  We had two churches come to serve.  Wellington Pres from FL and Naperville Pres from IL.  Gonna let some pictures tell the story!
 Team Honduras is growing

We have four incredible interns joining us for the summer

 Our first team of 2012 was Wellington Pres from FL.  This was the first time that they have ministered with us.  They were also the first team to every work in the new ministry site of La Fe that is run by our newest team mates, Mike and Ashley Troxell.  By no surprise, the van decided it didn’t want to work this week.  And God (again not by surprise) ‘just so happened’ to send us a diesel mechanic who was able to get the van running.  We love having the blessing of getting to watch God week after week send us exactly who we need.  YEAH GOD!
Our 2nd Team was Larry and Kathy Lorimor from Naperville Pres in IL.  The Lorimors have been dear friends for 13 years.  They were apart of the group who commissioned us to go out as missionaries 10 years ago!  It was a blessing to have them here the very first week of the summer and experience life with us.  An extra added bonus was that the kids got some ‘grandparent’ time in.  Evan even started calling them Grandpa and Grandma on the first day!  

Abigail was missing from the picture above, but she did not miss out on special time.  Kathy gave her some piano lessons and she has been playing everyday since!
A fun event for us this week was on June 6th (the best day of the year!).  The Pettengills celebrated their 20th anniversary while we celebrated our 15th.  The bakery was told to write “John, Kathy, Erin and Mike 35 years 5 kids 1 GOD.”  You see it came out as ‘good’.  God is good for giving us the 5 kids (our 4 and Pettengills 1) and our combined 35 years of marriage.

 Team 3 of the summer brought us Faith from Maryland.  It also brought us back Bethany, our intern from last year!  We are excited to see what God is going to do this week through this team.  It’s a medical team so they will be hosting 3 clinics this week.  And...doing a little construction too :-)
Our Siah boy celebrated 11 years yesterday!  He has been a joy in our lives and we are more than blessed that God gave him to us.  

Today is work day 1 for Faith.  Abigail is hanging with the doctors at clinic translating, John and Bek and Evan are working on a house this morning for a very very poor family in Armenia Bonito.  Siah is hanging with his mom today getting dinner ready for tonights dinner.  Menu: roasted meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans, a little broccoli on the side, bread and cake for dessert.  Want to join us?  

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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