Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Broken Bones

I got a call from John around 3:30 this afternoon.  He was calling to tell me he was in the ER with Abigail.  The two of them were returning from Armenia where John had been doing construction with the team and Abigail had been translating for the doctors.  They were on John's motorcycle becuase the van is used for teams and the truck has no transmission.  A taxi sped up from behind them on the left side to turn to the right in front of them.  Becuase my husband has  INCREDIBLE instincts and becuase we have a GOOD GOD, John sped up instead of putting on the brakes.  Unfortunatly it was not enough to avoid Abigails foot from being hit.  It was enough to keep him from hitting the taxi head on and the two of them to go flying. 
The phone call sent me running.  God ordained for us - the ER is litterally two blocks away.  My poor girl was crying in pain.  I just held her until they were able to give her a shot of pain meds that made her feel oh so good! 
PRAISES:  no broken bones!  Just a really bruised hurt foot. 
The doctor told the nurses they needed to start giving us a discount.  I told him we needed a membership to the ER.

Please pray for healing for Abigail's foot.  Praise with us that the accident wasn't worse than it was.  Pray with us that the truck can get fixed soon so that my kiddos (and hubby) aren't on the moto more than necessary!!!

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