Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wish Away the Month of May

I started writing this post in my head as I was fixing hotdogs for dinner.  Bullet pointing out all the reasons why I wish that I could WISH AWAY THE MONTH OF MAY!  All the reasons why I strongly do not like the month in which we are in.

And then...because we serve a really cool God...it started raining.  Not the ‘tease’ rain we have been getting.  The drops here or there, the 5 minute down pour that then leaves us smoldering in humidity, but the nice gentle cool rain. Gentle enough for the ground and trees and plants to soak it all up.  The earth around us is in a great big sigh right now!

“Have you been praying for rain?”
“Yes, Lord.”
“Do I promise to provide all your needs?”
“Yes Lord.”
“Then remember."

Instead of telling you why I wantED to wish away the month of May - I count my blessing instead.

  1. Team mates who help take care of our four kids and their crazy schedule. Particularly last week so that John and I could go to San Pedro over night to take care of summer team shopping. 
  2. Encouraging visits from the Floyds and the Smiths and Jamie and a few others to follow later this month.
  3. Abigail’s beautiful ballet recital and the 16 friends family who showed up to support her.
  4. Watching Rebekah playing her heart out in volleyball. I have got to watch several of her games and see her improve AMAZINGLY over the last few weeks.  She’s got one incredible over hand serve!
  5. The arrival of packages from supporters with LOTS of needed items for the dorm facility.
  6. A precious mother’s day program where I watched and listened to my four sweet children sing and dance and read poems to me. 
  7. A skype date with NPC, the church who sent us out 10 years ago as first time missionaries.
  8. My ladies Bible study group - women who pray for.  And also encourage me more than they know.
  9. The scholarship students and getting to watch them grow and learn and mature.
  10. Watching the boys have moments of sweet brother time (like right now as they are laughing different cartoon laughs and imitating voices)
  11. A husband who works oh so very hard and has a million things on his plate - and yet... drops it all to be at Bek’s 3pm volleyball game; sit through a 2 hour ballet recital when Abi’s part isn’t until the very end and only lasts 5 minutes; taking his daughters on dates and reading to them from a father/daughter book - investing in their hearts; praying with his sons and training them to be Godly men!
  12. A FATHER who meets ALL my needs!
After all that (and so much more!), what’s there to complain about?  

by the way...it’s still raining :D :D :D

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  1. Thank-you LORD for the beautiful rain. Thank-you for all your blessings and miracles that you give to us! Thank-you for YOU!!!!