Monday, March 19, 2012

Goings On

The LORD is good! Does anything more really need to be said?  Nope, but in case you are wondering here’s what’s going on:

Construction: John is moving right along as money allows.  Today the guys in Armenia are working on the roof of the clinic.  Lord willing, the tin starts going up on the soccer roof this week!  La Isla is moving along nicely; tile on the second floor is in; now just on to painting and finishing touches to have it ready for summer teams.  Thanks for your prayers for our workers and for John as he interacts with them!

Scholarship program:  Kathy spends Monday afternoons in Bible study with the girls in the program.  Today the girls didn’t show up (which is why I have time to actually sit and write this post) because it’s Honduran Father’s Day and school got out early and they all went home.  The students take their first exams of the year next week - so please be in prayer for them!

The Clow Kids:  Well...ya know...siblings will be siblings.  It’s a love/hate relationship!  One day they are screaming at each other, the next they are playing all together so good that you wonder what happened....haha!  They are all doing fairly well in school right now.   If you remember we were having some behavior problems with Evan and academic problems with Bek.  Last week was a pretty good week - please pray this week will be just as good.  Also for wisdom for us as we seek direction for the next school year (i.e. home school for some).

We pray God blesses you in a BIG WAY today! That you KNOW his love and peace and hope.  His love never fails! His peace passes all understanding! And our hope is secure in him!

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