Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Full Week Ahead

It’s finally coming together, Lord willing.  This week John is putting the final details together to get the roof on the multipurpose/soccer stadium in Armenia.  Please pray for him as he gets all the details in order and as he and the workers actually put the roof on.  It’s really high in the air!  For those of you who have witnessed John work, you know he’s a monkey-that-loves-heights at heart.  Seriously,  please pray for good clear communication between the crane operator and John and the other workers.

Kathy will be spending the week finalizing schooling for the scholarship program.  She has already registered 3 students. Tomorrow afternoon she will be having a meeting with the parents to go over the ‘rules’ for the year.  On Tuesday she’ll register 2 more students for school.  After that it’s buying uniforms and materials.  Classes start Feb 6th for the new Honduran school year.  Please pray for her and for this year’s scholarship students and their parents.

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.

John and Kathy

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  1. Hi John, my name is also John Clow from Maryland, DC area. Your name came up on a Google search. My wife's name is also Cathrine, some call her Kathy. What a coincidence? My clan comes from PA.,MD.,DC., and Va. Where do yours originate. Proud to have my namesake doing Gods work. Bless you and yours. My Email is