Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Attempt At Some Sort of Newsletter...

This is a post that I just wrote for our Clow Communicator Facebook page. 
I know I am procrastinating! Oh intentions are well meaning....but mean nothing at all without action put behind them. It's the newsletter - that thing I just can't seem to make myself write. I think I just may still be pouting over not having my computer/newsletter templates that are familiar to me. LOL!
Maybe I should just make this our 'end of the year newsletter'? No worries, I won't.
The Clows are doing well. John is busy constructing. The workers have next week off so he is getting some 'last minute' things done this week. Our kids are on Christmas vacation and this week Team Honduras adults are providing them a VBS on the life of Christ.
Today started Hanukkah which we celebrate (in addition to Christmas of course). It's a very cool holiday with great meaning behind i...
t....anyway, the kids get one gift every night for 8 nights. So they REALLY love it! Tonight's present.....Socks. No not the kind you wear. Socks is a 9 week old Miniature Schnauzer. 6 years ago when we bought Oso (our Airedale) we also got Damita (a mini schnauzer). Soon after we got her she was hit by a car and killed. We have been telling the kids for...a years now...that we would get them another one. John found Socks and that was that. He already thinks he runs the household and is trying to put Oso in his place. Oso is 'tolerating' him except for when he tries to nurse on Oso. Oh great brothers they will be!
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We pray that it is a day full of Christ's love and peace and hope in your homes!

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