Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Troxells are on their way here!  Mike and Ashley just finished language school and will be serving with us here in Honduras.  Our team is growing and we are LOVING IT! 

Praises:  We recieved a 'matching fund' for the clinic in Armenia Bonito and for the seminary in La Isla!  What does that mean?  For every dollar donated to that project we get another dollar...up to a tune of several thousand dollars.  We are grateful for this blessing and excited to watch how God brings it all togher - for His glory!  We'll be posting more information in the coming weeks.  But if you want info NOW, e-mail me and ask.

I am trying - I really am - to get out a newsletter.  I am not sure why I am 'stuck'.  John's computer is great and he's so nice to let me use it :D  But I am familiar with my computer (still stuck in the States) and I have to be honest - I miss it.  I miss the format of the newsletter.  John's computer just won't let me do what I want to do!  Boy, do I sound like a pouty kid right now...(laughing).

We appreciate that you all love us, pray for us, encourage us.  THANK YOU!

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