Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back Under One Roof...and Country

We are all back together!  This is a running thread of joy, not just through our family, but also through Team Honduras.  As soon as summer teams ended in September traveling began.  Mike to Turkey, Team Honduras ladies on a retreat, John and Mike to the States, Shannon to Peru and Mexico, Erin to California multiple times, Kathy and the kids to the States, and the last trip for the Pettengills to California to mourn the loss of Erin's mother.  Please pray for The Pettengills as they grieve and for Erin's dad.  Pray that God would draw him to himself and that he would come to know the love our Lord has for him.  

Thanksgiving Day saw that we were all together! Plus we had the added joy of having Mark and Kymmy (some of our bestest friends from IL) spend the week with us AND having Kate (our newest team mate) finally arrive for good here in La Ceiba!  In all we had 19 people in our home for dinner!

So now what?  We are all trying to 'settle' back into a 'routine' - just in time for the Christmas season when we will have special ministry programs for the kids in Armenia Bonito, our  kids 3 week school break, arrival of the Troxells (our team mates finishing up language school) who will be with us for 2 years and so on.  Oh well!  One would think that after 8 years of serving with MTW we would realize that the word routine should be used very loosely. 

Here's to hoping that blog updates will begin again, monthly newsletters will resume their regular schedule, and most of all that God is glorified in everything we do and say. To Him who is able to so much more than we even dare ask be praise forevermore!

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