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October Newsletter

The Clow Communicator

October Newsletter

It's been frustrating not having my computer that has all my contacts, templates for newsletters, etc. But, God is teaching me lots through the frustration - I think He just really wants me to "Be still and know that He is God." I tend to get impatient and worry that we are not informing you enough; not be accountable to our supporters. Yesterday my cousin posted this on the Clow Communicator facebook group:

"Simply know you are loved and your work makes a difference for the better. It's not your computer that is needed. It's just you being there...for them."

September was crazy and wonderful! We had some ups and downs with the scholarship students. George decided to quit and not finish his schooling. It broke our heart as we saw him throw away a chance to improve his life, all for the pleasure of the moment of having more time to play soccer. Another student dealt with the grief of losing an aunt and a great-grandmother and having her dad show up after having not seen him for many many months. Loving on them/being there for them -- that is what it's all about. That is why we are here.

John continues to have a million projects going at once. He is trying to prioritize so that he can get the most important items competed before heading to the States on October 19th. He will be gone for three weeks. Also, he has been dealing with 'rollercoaster ride' blood sugars. He is meeting with Doctors while in the States to determine what changes may be needed with this insulin.

The kids continue to well. This week they are taking their first quarter exams. Also, the first of many birthday celebrations have begun for the girls. Rebekah has shown an amazing interest in massage therapy (of which i am most delighted with). Our teammate's, Shannon, family came to visit her this week and brought with them a massage table for Bek. Patti, a friend of the family who also came, is a physical therapist turned massage therapist. The table she gave Bek was the first table she ever owned. Patti is working with Bek 2 hours every afternoon teaching her about all the muscles and how to give a proper massage. Abigail has enjoyed creating and making things since she was little. At 2 years old she made a bathing suit out of a wal-mart plastic bag. It was quite ingenious. A sewing machine was brought for her and Shannon's mom, a wonderful seamstress, is giving her sewing lessons this week! Both girls are quite excited to say the least. And not to leave out the boys -- they are boys! Keeping us on our toes and forever running just to stay a step ahead of them!

October is hitting us hard on our finances. Our van still is not fixed (currently sitting at the shop) as well as a few other items/events (please read the prayer request to see why).

Our two biggest prayer request for this month are:

1. John and his health: He will be heading to the States on the 19th. He will meet with doctors. He will also be attending a week long disaster relief training. During his time in the States he will need to stock up on diabetic supplies and purchase items for his training. Both of these are going to be a hard hit on our finances. Please pray for all aspects - his health, training and the cost.

2. The kids and I for the two weeks we will be in Honduras without John. We will be flying to the States on Nov 4th to join John and his family for the wonderful celebration of his sister's wedding. If you remember, John's brother-in-law committed suicide a year ago Thanksgiving. God has now brought a wonderful man into his sister's life and they will be married in November! We will be making a very quick trip to the States and then returning home with John after the wedding. Please pray for our time apart as a family and our time of traveling. We were able to purchase buddy passes from a friend, but times 6 the tickets are still costly. Please pray for God's provisions.

Thank you again for the way that you love, encourage and support us! Please know that we pray for you all. We love to hear your needs and what God is doing in your lives as well. I have been convicted lately that we need to be teaching them to pray for others more. I hear so many of you telling us how our prayer card is on your fridge and your children pray for us. I would really like to instill that in our kids as well. So if you have a family photo you'd like to send us, we are going to make a board of people to pray for - we would LOVE for you to be on that board! Please e-mail the photos to

Always in His grace!
Kathy (John and the kiddos too!)

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