Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finally an Update

Below is the post that I just wrote for an update in our facebook -- The Clow Communicator -- group.
I'm on-line right now so thought I would send a quick update. It's raining! Our backyard is a lake so we might go swimming later. :D Things are going well with the mission. God continues to be faithful and care for us as only He can. John is busy trying to take care of a lot of little things (and some big things) that need to get done on the projects before he heads back to the States (with m...y broken computer) on October the 19th. He'll be gone for three weeks. He was stay at home dad last week as Team Honduras had our first women's retreat. It was a sweet time of fellowship and teaching/disscussion on how loving each other and those God puts in our paths on a continual basis. Ashley Troxell and Kate DeFuniak were both able to fly in and spend the week with Erin, Shannon and myself. Kate just received 100% of her support and will be joing us here in La Ceiba full time in a month. Ashley and Mike have two more months of language school, arriving in La Ceiba full time on December 13th.
We are so excited to watch Team Honduras grow and observe all the wonderous ways that glory is being given to God! Thanks for your patience with the lack of updates and newsletters. Lord willing, my computer will be back to working mid November and I will be able to get back to my routine of keeping you all informed. We love each and everyone of you and are so thankful for your support!

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