Sunday, September 4, 2011


     Last spring a friend of ours saw motorcross potential in our little man.  With their help and resources, Evan started competing in races.  This past weekend Evan had a race.  He has practiced VERY little since June and so we knew he wouldn’t be great this weekend.  The first race he kept falling, getting back up, catching up to the other riders, only to fall again.  He was a pretty frustrated boy.  But, he stuck with it - even through tears.  At one turn in the track you could hear him crying over the sound of his bike!
      “I came in last!”  he screamed at me when the race was over.  Encouraging him and letting him know we were proud of him not matter what, he finally calmed down.  “That’s ok.  I don’t need a trophy.” He listened with heart to constructive criticism on what he did wrong and what he needed to do to race better.
     He raced like a pro in his second race!  Doing AWESOME.  He was neck in neck for third the entire race.  He ended in 4th.  Pulling up to a stop, all of us telling him what an incredible race he had, with a smile on his face he says, “Let me go, Mom.  I want to congratulate my friends!”
     THAT is what it’s all about.  Showing a heart that makes Jesus proud!  He did his job, he did his best and when all was said and done - someone else did better.  And, what does my little man do?  He shoves off all the praise of those who love him to focus on encouraging and congratulating his friends.
     Who wants a plastic trophy that collects dust and eventually gets broken?  I’ll take my son’s precious heart that is learning to love others as Jesus loves.  A heart forsaking his own praise to praise others!  THAT is all the trophy I want!

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