Friday, September 2, 2011

Lost at Sea

Last week our team mate, Shannon, said, “let’s look at a calendar and set a date.”  She had graciously offered to give John and I a few nights away, something we have not had in over a year and a half.  I teetered on the fence.  It had been a long summer for all of us and we all needed rest, not just John and I.  She pressed, assuring that they would be in school all day, it would just be at night she would have to take care of them.  She sat down on my couch, computer in hand and said, “You have up to three nights - here’s the dates.”  John and I talked, said maybe we would do two nights.  John came home the next day telling me that Mike, our team leader, told him he was stupid if he didn’t take all three nights.  So, basically being pushed out to sea by our team mates, we headed out on Monday for three nights on a small fishing village off one of the bigger islands.
    Most of our time we spent talking about  how much the kids would enjoy being there...isn’t that what parents finally get a few days away and all you can think about is the kids!  But, we knew the kids were having fun of their own.  Mike took the kids to school each morning, Shannon picked the older three up in the afternoon and then Erin brought Evan to Shannon and Bethany after picking up him and Maddy after their dance practice (more on that later....another post).
     In the afternoons Shannon and Bethany (after homework of course) had the kids reading and playing, making crafts and rice krispy treats - what kid wouldn’t love a week at a fun cool house that I can imagine was more like summer camp!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to our team mates for your selfless gift - setting aside your own needs for rest in order to give John and I time off!  We love you and are so blessed to be serving with you.

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