Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trinity from PA

A team of 10 from Trinity in PA arrived last night with no flight delays or lost luggage!!!
Trinity is our 8th summer team of 2011.  As with the last team, 2 of the doctors on this team are fluent Spanish speakers - not just fluent, Spanish is their first language!  This is always exciting as they will be able to FULLY communicate with their patients.  We also have a dentist on this team - a service we have been anxiously waiting to bring into Armenia!  God is going to do great things this week through Trinity = ALL FOR HIS GLORY!

John will be living at the dorms this week.  Our Team Honduras has dwindled down to just 6 of us. So we are all pitching in and helping each other get everything taken care of it.  Kathy, after getting the kids to school and getting all food prep taken care of for meals, will join the team some to help translate. John will be handling all construction as well as helping some with pharmacy.  On Wednesday it will be all ‘hands on deck’ for a health clinic at the local elementary school! 

We so appreciate your prayers for us.  Evan is finally fever free and heading back to school this week (of which he is SUPER excited).  Still having some coughs in the house - but we are on the up and up!  We appreciate your continued prayers for us as well as our team mates and the team from Trinity.  

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