Monday, August 22, 2011

Overdue Update

What a week with Trinity!  Just a few of our blessings this past week were:
1. Jiro (internal/pulmonary specalist) and his wife, Gina (pediatrics) who are from Columbia served the people in Armenia with the expertise --language was NOT an issue - nothing lost in translation :D
2. Dr. Greg returned to us bringing his ultrasound machine and we got to see lots of beautiful soon-to-be-born babies.
3. A DENTIST!  So many have been living for months - years - with pain from a bad tooth.  Wade was such a blessing.  As with Jiro and Gina we are praying that they will come back next summer (we know Greg will be back - he’s been bit with the Honduran come-back bug)!
4. We had a health fair in the local elementary school.  First time doing this and it was a HUGE success!  John got to translate for the ‘exercise’ class and Kathy got to translate for the ‘food’ class.

The girls were VERY sad that they had school and didn’t get to translate this week )-:  It was a rough week with John living in the dorms, lots of homework for the kids, and the extra translating plus all our other normal duties - BUT GOD IS GREAT - all the time!  His blessings are endless and praise to Him who we pray received all honor and glory for the work accomplished this past week.

A storm blew through on Friday and Saturday.  We held our breath wondering if Trinity would make it out of Honduras and Covenant from Paso Robles, CA would arrive.   With lots of prayers both teams made it safely with no flight delays!  Day one of ministry for Covenant is construction and ESL - what a joy to wait and see what God has in store for this team of 8!

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