Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Newsletter and Rincon Mt

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As you know we have been in a heavy spiritual battle this month so please please please keep Team Honduras in your prayers.  We have suffered illness.  LOTS of car trouble with our van (gave over $600 to the mechanic and the van is STILL not fixed - john is using every spare moment to try and get it fixed) - Shannon's car has had lots of trouble as well.  The Pettengill's home was burglarized and they had hundreds of dollars and possessions stolen.  Shannon's really nice camera just got stollen.  We had to fire 12 employees due to lack of funding of the projects. And our team is just plain tired.  Through it all our team has been loving on, taking care of, and being unified to each other.  SO - I know that we have asked you to pray for our team to have unity - you can stop praying for that now :-)  

Today is Rincon’s last full day of ministry.  They have been an incredible team.  They as well have suffered strain: delayed flights, team seperated (some making it on to La Ceiba and some getting stuck in Tegucigalpa for a day), lost luggage, misplaced knee cap while playing soccer, IV’s needed due to heat exhaustion....  This team arrived with fluent spanish speakers.  The doctor and his wife are from MX and actually speak very little ENGLISH.  This team has been able to minister to the people in Armenia the way no team has yet been able to minister.  I think the devil just didn’t want this week to happen.  BUT IT DID!  God prevailed and his glory shines.  PRAISE BE TO HIM!  

Team Honduras has next week with no team.  The Clow kids and Maddy go back to school on Monday. On the 13th Trinity from PA will arrive followed by one more team after them.  Pray that God will refresh us this coming week and make us ready to serve our last two teams of the 2011 season.  

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