Friday, July 22, 2011

Week Update

Here’s an update I just wrote in our Clow Communicator facebook page.  If you are on FB and want to join our group - click here to be directed to our page.

So the Clows are on the up and up. Appears John and Evan were able to avoid the ‘bug’!! THANK you for your prayers! We praise God that he sent John’s college friend, who just HAPPENS to be an airplane mechanic, to us last Monday. John and Kevin spent long hours into the night trying to get the van fixed. End result, Kevin (John’s friend) is in the states looking for a new alternator. The van is currently running off battery - BUT it’s working! 

Update on the team: Grace from Mobile has been awesome! This small team (our smallest of the summer) has worked just as hard as the teams who proceeded them. They have hosted 3 medical clinics this week in addition to all other ministries. They are heading to the islands today - enjoying our beautiful host country - before heading back to the States tomorrow. We will pick up our new team of 17 from Village Seven in CO tomorrow afternoon. So, we have a quick turnover!

Today John and the boys have to drive to San Pedro (about 3 hours away) to HOPEFULLY get some papers signed for our residency. Kathy and the girls are going to go buy LOTS of food for the arriving team ;-)

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