Monday, July 11, 2011

Team 4: You Know God’s Got Something Big Planned When.......

1. Your team leader wakes up sick the morning the team arrives - totally out of commission and his responsibilities need to quickly be divided among other team mates. (and one of your kids is sick too)
2. Your city decides it’s going to turn the electricity off for 7 hours straight and 27 people are expecting dinner at your house.
3. Storm rains decided to join you - just wanting to cool you off of course!
4. In the midst of the above rains, you get everyone out to the ministry village in a van, a car and one truck.  They return that afternoon in only a car and two trucks (meaning the majority are piled in the trunks of the trucks getting wet) because........
5. Your van decides it wants to notify you that the alternator has died.

That’s all just on the first day!  Tomorrow is coming.... and so we praise HIM for:

1. Mike and Ashley Troxell (our team mates currently in Costa Rica learning Spanish) joined us this week to help host their home church, Covenant Community from AZ.  Mike and Ashley helped John shoulder our team leaders responsibilities of orientation and leading our gringo worship service.
2. A friend of John’s had left him with a welder/generator a few months ago.  John was able to hook it up to our stove and dinner got made!  We even were able to hook the fridge up and some fans!
3. We WELCOMED the rains!
4. Praise Praise Praise that we had the second truck so that everyone wasn’t trying to pile into one truck/one car.  If you haven’t heard, John was able to purchase a used truck last week!!!  SUCH a blessing!
5. We have a great mechanic, who speaks English, and the van SHOULD be ready tomorrow!


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